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3X3 Gear hubs & bike components

As the world turns to sustainable and future-oriented forms of mobility, bicycles will play an increasingly important role, and the bicycle market will continue to grow in the years ahead. With the 3X3 product brand, our primary goal for next-level bike tech is to promote fun, freedom, and autonomy—to make the bike experience of the future as simple and intuitive as possible.

3X3 NINE: next-level 9-speed gear hub





Gear technology for e-bikes and bio bikes

In terms of e-bikes in particular, performance has so far been limited by the available gear shifting technology—but at the same time, e-bike motors are becoming more and more powerful.

With our new gear technology, developed for e-bikes as well as conventional bikes, we want to set new technological standards. We aim to satisfy the bicycle industry’s changing market requirements and establish new technological freedoms that will take fun and performance to a new level.

3X3 Gear hubs & bike components