Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing reveals entirely new possibilities for development and production. Because here it’s the design that determines the production process, not the other way around.

Instead of milling precision parts, a laser melts powder material layer by layer to form the desired shape. This allows highly complex, extremely lightweight and stable structures to be created—both for small, efficient batch sizes and for customized series production. Additive manufacturing significantly accelerates product development and time to market.

3D metal printing enables us to produce components that are optimized in terms of static properties, material use, and weight—opening up new markets for us. We support you along the entire process chain.

With state-of-the-art printing technology, projects can be scaled from individual prototypes to additive series production. Take advantage of unprecedented design freedom and high innovation potential.

  • Production of complex component geometries
  • Feasibility of implementing bionic principles
  • Greater rigidity with less material use thanks to topology optimization
  • Customization of components
  • Tool-free, rapid production of prototypes and short-run series
  • Implemented quality assurance process for metal 3D printing