In series production, we put Industry 4.0 into practice.

By integrating universally applicable robots, series production can be highly automated and production processes can be adapted to different needs intelligently, quickly, and flexibly. With database-supported real-time monitoring of all process and quality characteristics, our manufacturing operations are reliable and efficient.

In addition to continuously optimizing our own production systems in accordance with the latest standards, we’re also happy to advise you regarding the high-level automation of your series production and your production processes. With H+B Hightech as your expert partner, your areas of application can benefit from the advance of robotics too.

  • Many years of experience in robotics
  • In-house development of small, flexible robot cells as well as complex assembly lines
  • Fast, flexible, highly automated production processes
  • Seamless material and process traceability
  • Operation and process data transfer and management in real time